How about looking at the New Year 2014 as being the year of moving forward, making the kind of changes that stick forever, instead of making New Years Resolutions? Putting energy into personal growth?

Instead of the focus being on the classical New Years Resolutions:


  • Exercise more, or start to exercise
  • Lose Weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Less alcohol
  • Drink more water
  • Get Organized
  • Find more time for the family and yourself
  • Etc.


You change your thinking to growing and developing – i. e. Personal Growth and Development.

You will find out that trying this approach to the New Year will automatically lead to resolving many of the ‘resolutions’. In fact,  with time most probably all of the habits you wish to change will be replaced with more calming, satisfying, fulfilling and healthier ones. You will feel better, look better and be a better person. You will be the person you in fact already are underneath all those bad habits.

The same amount of thought, time and dedication will go into growing and developing on an overall personal level as would into one New Years resolution. However, the results I am fairly certain will be better and most importantly, with practice, sustainable.

Personal Growth

During our lifetime we never stop growing, developing and learning, which of course means changing. With each step you take on the path of personal growth things will change, therefore you will experience life differently. Imagine walking down a road and the view never changing, in reality each step brings a new view and perspective. Life and all it encompasses changes all the time, sometimes almost daily. It is exciting and rewarding to grow, develop and change, plus it allows you to get rid of some habits that no longer serve you.

Personal Growth and Development involves making choices that are right for you. For example reconnecting to your Core Values. This is one of the earlier steps you learn on this path when working with a Life coach. Knowing your core values will make finding more time for yourself and family a lot easier, as you will have the motivation to do so. Once you realize exactly what it means to you to feel good in your body, and all the other benefits of taking care of yourself, you will find it easier to eat healthier, stop smoking, lose weight etc. Once you learn how to clear the clutter out of your brain you might love the concept of exercising. (Exercise decreases the stress hormones, cortisol and increases the release of endorphins, the result is a natural boost for your mood).

To me there is little more rewarding than exercising first thing to clear any clutter out of my mind which has not ‘settled’ over night while sleeping. If I get up and exercise this guarantees a better and more constructive day.

The idea of starting on the path of personal growth and development rather than thinking in terms of New Years Resolutions offers you a new start on many levels.

88% of New Years Resolutions Fail in the USA

According to the researcher Richard Wiseman 88% of all resolutions set by Americans fail this equals 156 million people disappointed in himself or herself.

Learn to replace the behaviour of the habits you wish to change with better more rewarding behaviour. Maximise your return by putting your energy into personal growth and development, rather than New Years resolutions. The dividend will not only benefit you, but also last and help motivate, support and encourage you. If you are ready for change you will enjoy this way of moving forward. Growing on a personal level brings lasting change with the essential life skills you acquire. For more on Personal Growth – see my article ‘Thoughts on Personal Growth and Development.

Suzie-Doscher_802512Suzie Doscher Life Coach for Personal Development. I understand Personal Development to be a clearing out the old to make way for something new. This could mean letting go of things, people, behavior, or draining emotions that simply no longer support the way you wish life to be. Maybe it worked in the past, but now it is time to move on…

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