Life Coaching: Calling Your Life To Order

By Cynthia Brooks  

Sometimes in a course of a day, there is so much that we are responsible for. Making sure that certain task are accomplished. It’s either one thing or another, what a whirlwind life can be at times.

Our responsibilities can range from, getting the family up, preparing meals, getting ready for work, feeding the dog, or even being a caretaker for elderly love ones. Oh, don’t forget we must make the to do list of everything that has to accomplish today while out, not excluding work for a number of hours.

Wow! the thought of all of these responsibilities and we haven’t even left out of the door yet. So are you seeing your refection in some of this? Yes, all of this is probably necessary, but it’s time to learn the value of self management, time management, and delegation. Time is a precious commodity.

I know over the years we have seen a lot of super hero character’s, but they don’t live in the real world that we live in. It would be fascinating to be able to juggle 10 balls at one time, but my question to you is, are you exhausted yet, and how is this working out for you? Are you finding yourself picking up the balls more than juggling them?

Often our day ends with us being tired and overwhelmed at the thought of doing it all over the next day. They say life can be a rat race, but who is really winning here? I want to share with you three simple tips that when applied can make for a better more simplified life. Are you ready? Then let’s go!

1. Learn to manage yourself: Take a look at your life when it comes down to your personal self. Ask yourself are you where you want to be, doing what it is that your are truly passionate about? If not it is time to make some changes to better your life. Make a list of the first 5-10 projects that you are, or feel responsible for on a daily basis. Now put them in three categories. Most important, important, not important. You must realize that only certain people or projects can share your space every day, you cannot be everything to everybody. It’s time to call your life to order.

2. Learn to manage your time: You must first understand that you are the most important person in your life. Start by organizing your time and decide who you are willing to share it with. Learn to power of saying “NO” when necessary and even when you just want to. Becoming a great organizer of your space and time makes for a great life for you and others around you.

3. Learn to delegate: There are others in your circle waiting for you to let them know what it is that you are requesting of them to do to help better your day and life. Delegating is a powerful tool when used correctly.

Life is about a win/win, so come on celebrate your life. When you lay down at night you don’t have to be stressed and overwhelmed ever again when situations are handled properly. Take care of your life. You are the king or queen of your destiny, Rule Well.


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Cynthia Brooks is a Christian Counselor/Life Coach who enjoys helping others by asking the right questions and assisting them in getting off the side lines of life into the game. She invites you to view some great articles and resource information on and

At a very early age, Cynthia loved helping others achieve their life-long goals. She discovered that she was an entrepreneur before she even knew what the word meant. When she was around 11 years old she started her first business selling Blair Products. This was a clothing line in a catalog. She might have gotten four sales with very little; I mean (teeny weenie) commission. She felt as though she was on top of the world and could not wait for her next sale. For the next 5 years, she embarked on several self-made businesses using her own products such and sewing, crocheting, and selling them for profit. All the while she enjoyed telling others of her success that they could accomplish some of the same things. At age 18, she had to enter the workforce, where she instantly felt enslaved to a time clock and a boss. She would sit there thinking of what product she could create and sell. It went from hair bow creations to jewelry design, just to name a few. Still today after many business ventures she always has some of her products on hand. In 1993, Cynthia left the workforce with the mindset to never return. She is an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys coaching other entrepreneurs by getting them off the side lines of life into the game. She owns five businesses to date and loves writing articles on how to successfully crack the code of entrepreneurship. She believes that if you are an entrepreneur working for someone else, you have to find the right combination for your life, now! She is a public speaker in her own right. She loves getting the word out while helping as many as she can find their purpose and passion. Once their passion is discovered and released the freedom is indescribable. Cynthia is currently working on her e book called: “Cracking the Code of Entrepreneurship”: Finding the Combination to Your Life. Time is wasting!